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Please contact your local office for details on booking and freight cut off times, or if you have more than 10 items for shipment.

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All Dangerous Goods bookings must identify Class, UN Number, (and NEQ for Class 1) of DG at time of booking.

We require Dangerous Goods Documentation to accompany all Dangerous Goods.

Booking Terms

* Bookings will be accepted subject to available capacity for the same day departure until: ADL - 1200, BNE - 0800, MEL - 1300, SYD - 0900

* Latest Freight acceptance time at JETS Transport Express depot until: ADL - 1400, BNE - 1200 - Weekends - 1130, MEL - 1500 - Weekends - 1200, SYD - 1400

* Latest Freight acceptance time for JETS Transport Express to pick up until: ADL - 1330, BNE - 1200 - Weekends - 1130, MEL - 1630, SYD - 1400

* Additional services may operate subject to demand

* Services to and from Tasmania, Northern Territory, Cairns, Townsville, Newcastle and Canberra are available on request

* Times stated are from JETS Transport Express to Airport and do not include delivery

* Day 2 and 5 from MEL & SYD to PER freight lodgement cut off is 1630 hrs the day prior to departure

* BNE to OOL freight lodgement cut off is 1630 hrs the day prior to departure

* JETS Transport Express reserve the right to change the schedule without notice