Our Services

Specialise in international airfreight including all aircraft until load devices. Our roller system allows for safe handling of freight

On airport efficiency (the only trucking company who work at the airport allowing streamlined access to your freight.

Express / Urgency – AOG shipments, express freighter handling, we specialise in those urgent shipments that impact your business, always focussed on the solutions to your needs

Dangerous Goods specialists

Specialists in delicate freight (temperature controlled, perishable freight, pharmaceuticals – refrigerated fleet with tracking of temperature

Heavy sensitive freight – leader in transporting heavy sensitive freight. Specialised no tilt cargo, engines (transport 100s of aircraft engines a year) from vehicles, Medical equipment and even helicopters) we have the care and the training to handle your specialised cargo


JETS are accredited under NHVAS for Basic Fatigue Management

Drivers have been assessed by independent driver trainer, promotes better attitude on road, better use of equipment.

Staff continually provided with up to date training


Moving to a fleet of environmentally friendly trucks.

Automatic gearbox enhances better fuel economy/less emissions.